Slow Braised Short Rib Sandwich,

  Pickled red onion, butter lettuce, blue cheese aioli. Served on rustic sourdough or rye.


Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork ,

  crispy pickled slaw, jalapeño aioli, grainy mustard. Served on rustic sourdough or rye.


Chicken Bahn Mi Style

  lemongrass hoisin chicken, pickled julienne vegetables,

  shaved jalapenos, cilantro. Served on white  



Straight Veg,

  housemade pesto aioli, avocado, crisp cucumbers,

  heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, sprouts, aged  

  white cheddar cheese. Served on multi-grain.


Roasted Portobello Melt,

  roasted bell peppers, tri-colour squash,

  melted emmental cheese, roasted garlic aioli.

  Served on multi-grain.




Cucumber & Chickpea Salad,

  feta cheese, mint, sweet red onion, lemon honey vinaigrette.


Shaved Brussel Sprout Caesar Salad,

  house made caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, olive oil poached croutons, fresh cracked pepper.


Mixed Baby Lettuces,

  strawberry slivers, candied pecans, goat cheese crumble. white balsamic vinaigrette.





          Coffee & Tea


          Bottled Still Water

          Housemade Mint Infused Iced Green Tea


A Lil Sumthin’ Sweet:

Greek Style Yogurt Cup,

with Housemade Peach compote


So Fancy Jane’s Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread


Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Lunch Drop-off


(15 people min.)


Gourmet Sandwich platters: 

Includes a variety of sandwich options and a choice of side.


Lunch Box: 

Includes a full sized sandwich and a choice of side. 

A Lil Sumthin’ Sweet and a choice of beverage.


A La Carte Lunch:

Choose 1 Sandwich - $7.5 Each

Choose 1 Meal Salad - $10 Each

Add a Side - $5 Each

Beverage - $4.50 Each